Everyone says you need to be online in order to attract new clients.

But you have so many questions...

  • Where do I start?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Do I have the skills required?
  • What if I need help?
"Knowing how to quickly go in and make changes saves me time and prevents me from having to spend more money on website help down the road." - Sheri Goodwin (desktotrek.com)

Improve your website with these three optimizations!

Partnering with Fit with Flair

Fit with Flair is your bridge between having a minimal online presence and using the web to attract perfect-for-you clients. I offer a variety of services for helping fitness professionals become the expert of their domain!

Whether you’re looking for an entirely new online presence or elevate your existing online positioning, my services are designed to work with the ebbs and flows of the fitness industry.

Kick-Ass Online

Hi! I’m Jaime Slutzky! My primary objective here at Fit with Flair is to develop a kick-ass online presence for passionate fitness professionals! This means that I will work with you to make sure you have a solid online foundation (functional website, consistent message, the right tools, etc) and then make sure that you are able to confidently utilize the tools required to maintain your presence and elevate your brand awareness.

What Makes Fit with Flair Better?

Let me ask you Which came first the chicken or the egg? Fit with Flair is technology first, fitness second. That is, I could have chosen any industry to work with, because many of the skills that I possess are transferable, yet, I chose to work with personal trainers and fitness studio owners.  My competitors started as trainers or instructors and learned the technology in order to get by. I built this business from a strong computer background (check out my bio for more deets) and then honed my skills exclusively for the needs and wants of fitness professionals.

You need to attract more ideal clients.

I provide you with the tools and know how to do exactly that!


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Improve your website with these three optimizations!