Happy Birthday!

I love celebrating birthdays, especially mine!

So, because today is my birthday, I decided to discuss including “real life events” in your blog!

In this video blog, I i discussed keeping your blog real by adding personality to it. Another way to keep it real is to celebrate what’s going on in the business and in the lives of people directly involved in the business!

Happy BirthdayTherefore, happy birthday to me!

As I’m sure you know, I do more than website development. I am a mom, am studying for my ACE Personal Training Certificate and teach an awesome bootcamp program for moms called Body Back.

Here’s how I’m spending this birthday day and week, on the business front!

  • Teaching Body Back tonight – it’s assessment day and I get a great gift from the moms tonight, they get to show me how strong they’ve become!
  • I’m teaching one or two free demo Body Back classes, because the program is awesome and I don’t think that my community understands just how awesome it is!
  • I’m going to make great progress on the website for Fassio Fitness, a client who hired me last week. We’re sticking to a 3 week turnaround – I’m so excited about this project because the mom behind the site is amazing, inspiring and best of all a blast to work with!
  • Make progress on the first Fit with Flair WordPress plugin – we’re taking control of the nitty gritty, so that fitness websites become easier to maintain!
  • I’m also going to secure the indoor location for Body Back – because as much fun as it is to workout in the park, that’s just not going to be feasible come autumn and winter!

It’s going to be an exciting and busy week on the business front, which is probably the best birthday present I could have given myself! I love being busy and find that I’m more productive when there are more things I need to accomplish!

If I were a fitness studio owner, I would offer a one-day-only promotion for my birthday. Since I’m not, I am going to take a two-pronged approach!

  • All quote requests received today will count for two entries into the gift card giveaway!
  • If I get 5 quote requests today, I’ll up the gift card value (from $10) to $34 in honor of my 34th birthday!

What events do you like to celebrate in business? Do you run promotions in honor of the events?