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Hello! My name is Laury and I blog over at The Fitness Dish, a healthy living blog that follows the life of a personal trainer and new mom! I also share healthy recipes, and fun quick workouts for everyone to try!

I started my personal training business in 2004. I was 23 years old, hungry, ambitious and ready to take on the world. When I was younger it didn’t bother me to get up at 6am to go to work, and not get home until after 9pm.

Yes, I had breaks in the middle of the day and my schedule was flexible but I was working around the hours of my clients. After I got married I started to get burned out.

My priorities shifted and I wanted to spend more time at home with my husband. Being home to make dinner, to talk about our day, that’s what became important to me. I no longer wanted to work all those crazy hours. Being an in-home trainer, especially, was tricky. I had to take into account that there was travel time involved in my day. Any given day I could only really see 7 clients at the most. And that’s with getting home after dinner-time. Shortly after I got married I started only working one or two long days per week and the rest of my week I saw a few clients in the morning hours.

Eventually there was less time on the road, and more time at home with fitness on the brain….that’s when “The Fitness Dish” was born.

My blog was started partly for me and partly to give a resource where my clients could go and read up on some of the things we discuss during our training sessions. Once I got a solid following I started to get inquiries to work with clients from all over the globe!

Last year when we started thinking about starting a family, my husband and I discussed what this was going to do to my business. My work hours may have to get cut back even more than they already were and we really couldn’t afford for me to lose clients. However, I didn’t really want to be out on the road as much anymore either. That’s when I started thinking about incorporating more online coaching into my repertoire.

Having my blog established already allowed me the opportunity to reach out to clients all over the world! I consider myself more of an online “coach” than a trainer. As a trainer, you work most efficiently when you can see your clients in person. It becomes challenging when you have to rely solely on what clients tell you, instead of doing exercise testing yourself. We make it work though. Some of the things I do are

  • Assist clients in developing an exercise program
  • Help them with their food choices
  • Give them meal ideas
  • Daily motivation

I’ve had much success from a motivating standpoint. I make them accountable, they have to check in with me on a daily basis. In my experience, people just want to be made accountable. Have someone to vent to or make suggestions they may not have thought of. Or push them to do things they know they should be doing. At the end of the day, I tell all of my clients

I am giving you the blueprints, but you have to build the house.”

I am there to help motivate you, but you are the one that does it. You are the one to be proud of when you achieve your goals. You are your own worst enemy and your best ally. We all have it in us to change and do great things. It’s just a matter of perspective!

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