Creating Flair :: F is for Functional

Your website needs to make sense. it needs to have a purpose.and most of all it needs to be functional.

That means you need to lay the content out where people expect to find it.
And make it easy for people to progress through the site.

According to, one of the definition of the functional is:

capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed

That is to say, your website needs to act like the information vehicle for your business. It must always present your business in the best (and truthful) light. It needs to be organized in a way that site visitors can quickly and effortlessly gather the information they need when they visit and revisit your site.

That means, as a fitness professional you need to identify what it is that your site visitors are searching for when they come to your website.

Suppose you teach group fitness classes – your schedule is probably something that gets regular attention. For some, like client ZCrew Fitness, it makes sense to have the schedule right on the home page. ZCrew has determined that making the schedule easy to access is beneficial to their clients whereas, other group exercise instruction websites might bury it two or three layers deep.

Your schedule doesn’t need to be on the home page – but making sure that it is obvious where the site visitor should click to get the schedule does need to be on your home page. This is what separates functional and dysfunctional websites.

Another thought, it’s not always your home page that people land on. So, on your subpages – and your blog – your website functionality needs to continue to propagate. That’s what makes WordPress such an amazing platform for your website to be built on – it makes it so easy to include the important links and actions throughout the site!

Testimonials & Client Profiles

Every personal trainer knows that word of mouth is invaluable when it comes to growing your business. To make your website truly operate in a functional way, it needs to exude confidence in your abilities to help clients get and stay fit. Making it clear to each and every website visitor that your business produces results will help your business grow!

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine where and how to include accolades from current and prior clients – just remember this: your website needs to remain functional, so those can be interspersed to give the visitor confidence in your abilities while not taking away from why they are there – be it to sign up for something or look at your schedule or simply to gain your insight through a thought-provoking blog post 🙂

Bottom line is – your website is functional when site visitors get what they need from it without frustration or confusion.