Images are worth the time

I am passionate about your blog posts having images (or video) in them. In fact, if you don’t most likely your site will look like they are missing because they are in fact that important!

It’s really funny that this post doesn’t actually have an image, but instead I’ve got a video to show you how easy it is to add an image and what you should do with it once you get beyond the basic insertion!

The bullet points from the video are:

  • Use Images
  • Set the title of the image to something other than the file name
  • Always set the Alt Text – because someone will be reading it
  • Set the image link – sometimes it makes sense to link to a larger image, sometimes to external content and sometimes it’s fine for images not to link!
  • Thumbnails will generally be square, make sure that they adjust correctly

Featured Images

Make the most of your blog posts by utilizing the featured image. It should be one of the images from your post, but isn’t required to be! Use it as a window into your post 🙂

A couple of notes about image editing

  • You will want to find an image editor to use to resize and crop your images.
  • There are free and premium online and downloadable tools – try a couple of different ones to determine which works best for your needs
  • Images on your website don’t need to be any larger than 600×800 pixels. So, be sure to use a resize tool!
  • Re-sizing and enhancing images adds polish to your website
  • Whatever you do, don’t just use the WordPress built in tools… that ends up being more work for your clients’ web browsers and could potentially cause long load times!

What are your tips for creating compelling images for your websites & blogs?