Are you a BizeeBee?

I know you’re all busy – I certainly have been… with the end of school for the kiddos, lots of projects to work on and summertime planning for both business and family, I have taken a bit of a hiatus from this blog.

But that needs to stop – right now – I enjoy writing these posts for you, and helping your business grow through online tools! ┬áSo, without further ado, let’s discuss…

Group Fitness Classes such as Yoga, Pilates, BodyBack, Zumba, Turbo Kick and moregroup fitness client management

When it comes to group fitness, be it a fixed-length bootcamp programs or ongoing classes, keeping track of clients and their contact information, attendance and purchases should not be a chore – it needs to be easy for the business owner, instructor(s) and clients.

The general options are

  • Paper and Pen
  • Spreadsheet
  • Online management tool

While I agree that Paper and Pen is the easiest system to implement, it has a ton of shortcomings and since we’re all tech savvy, it can be safely ruled out!

Using a spreadsheet is a great next step. It keeps things on the computer and better for analysis and management. As your business grows and your offerings change, your spreadsheet will turn into a workbook and then into several workbooks. It becomes more work to add a new client and often a “system” like this gets abandoned. (Boo!)

For the sake of your sanity, I encourage you to invest in a client management tool.

While I know there are other solutions out there – some that work for large gyms & fitness studios, group training, personal training, one-on-one scheduling and so on, many of them are designed as “full packaged solutions”.

As a group fitness business, many of these would be daunting for setup and maintenance, which is why I recommend BizeeBee.

So, what sets BizeeBee apart from the other solutions?

BizeeBee Memberships Made EasyBizeeBee was built with you in mind. It wasn’t built to be an all encompassing solution, rather, something that is easy to manage for someone who spends so much of their time working in their business.

BizeeBee does only a handful of things – and does them all well!

It allows you to associate memberships/passes/packages with your clients and take attendance on a very simple and intuitive interface. And then, you can (& should) extend things further – link it to your PayPal account and setup your online store, send reminder emails to clients as their passes get close to expiration, analyze attendance and more!

This is great because it’s no frills and yet so effective. In just a few moments you can determine who is getting short on pass credits, hasn’t been to a class in a while, your most popular sessions, your best selling packages and more!

I encourage you to try them out, using their two week trial – seriously, you’re going to be happy you did! Please use PROMO CODE: jaimebee so that the awesome BizeeBee family knows that I sent you over!