Setting the Thumbnail

Last week, a client asked me how to make it so that the featured image of her blog post could be something other than the client’s thighs! Well, that’s actually quite easy to accomplish šŸ™‚

By default, WordPress crops your featured images to a square, keeping the full width of the image and cropping off the top and bottom. this means that your full body image is going to appear in thumbnail form as a torso, no head, no legs… not exactly the most appealing look!

In the video below, I show you how to go into your WordPress Media Library and adjust the thumbnail version of an image.

So, to recap:

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to Media
  • Click Edit on the image you want to adjust
  • Press the Edit Image button, beneath the thumbnail displayed on the Edit screen
  • In the Thumbnail Settings box, change the radio button fromĀ All Image SizesĀ  toĀ Thumbnail
  • With the mouse, drag a square on the large image
  • Click on the crop button (first button above the large image)
  • Press the Save button
  • Press the Update Media button

You’re done!