It’s Springtime! 5 Blog Prompt Methods for your Fitness Blog


With the change of the seasons, it’s a great time to ramp up your blogging efforts in order to motivate and inspire current (or past) clients and even bring on new clients! Below you will find five ways to get your blog fired up over the next quarter. These blog prompts will work for anyone in the fitness industry, no matter your specialty.

Method 1: Image inspired blogging

Images convey so much more than words alone, so grab a photographer friend and capture 15-20 pictures that can then become the focal point for your blog. The blog prompts in this section should inspire the photography, rather than the posts themselves.

  • Equipment
  • Environment
  • Clients
  • Nutrition
  • Partner businesses

Method 2: Goal inspired blogging

Your clients have tangible goals, such as inches lost, muscle gain, completing a race, and so on. These blog prompts speak to inspire the progress towards the goals.

  • Proper & relevant goal setting, check out this SMAT goals post over at
  • Tangible group efforts towards individual goals, such as weekly posts on a ‘run your first 5k’ or a weekly challenge exercise, explaining the benefits, proper form etc
  • Reward structures for goals achieved, remember that rewards should make you feel good before, during and after, so one idea would be to discuss why food is a terrible reward!

Method 3: Educational Blogging

In this set of blog prompts, you set yourself up as the expert. You will use your blog to teach your readers. This type of blog post works well as a constant resource for new clients.

  • free weightExercises for specific body parts
  • Exercises using specific equipment
  • At home or on location workouts
  • Proper stretching
  • Water or nutritional suggestions* note, this should not be setup as advice, unless you are a registered dietitian or Nutritionist

Method 4: Partner blogging

This blog prompt set has to do with setting yourself up as part of the fitness/wellness community in your town. Here you will be working with partner organizations to provide value across the varied segments of the field. The prompts below should provide you with ideas as to who to contact and what the blog series could look like.

  • Determine your niche blog topic and write two or three posts on that topic
  • Approach several businesses in your geographic area who also maintain a blogging presence and request a blog post exchange. These businesses should be ones you would like your clients to know more about, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, weight loss support groups and so on.
  •  When publishing the posts, create a lead-up post, then post the partner entry on a subsequent day, and follow up with a third post on the same topic, explaining how you believe the services provided by the partner would benefit your clients.

Method 5: Client inspired blogging

This final set if blog prompts showcases your clients’ successes and sets you up as the go to trainer or coach for similar results

  • weight loss successInterview style posts, where you ask the same set of questions to several clients and share the responses, including before/after pictures
  • Regiment style, where you showcase a client workout routine, starting assessments and final assessments to explain how one can achieve tangible results
  • Client stories, sharing why a client started working with you, what successes they have had and setbacks too (make the story relatable)
  • Ideal client profile… what kind of client are you drawn to and what type of client is drawn to you

Using the blog prompts

To get started, add the Editorial Calendar plugin to WordPress. This plugin gives you a calendar style layout to your posts with drag-and-drop ability to move posts around.

Next, determine which prompts you want to use, get them on your editorial calendar and work toward a regular blog publishing cycle. Some posts will be written quite easily and finished within a short period f time, but many require research or outreach and should be given more time for completion.

You can use prompts from more than one method above, but if you haven’t been blogging regularly, I would recommend keeping your editorial calendar a bit flexible and avoid planning for too many posts. It is far better for your brand to have one quality blog post a week than to rush and not be happy with two or three that do not live up to your high standards. Also, blogging too much, when you aren’t used to it can cause burnout. I want to see you blogging for months and years, so don’t jump too fast out of the starting gate!

In the comments below, let the Fit with Flair community know which prompts you think you might use and of course share any posts here or on Facebook so we can help spread your message!