Go with your heart

business-coachingOver the past few months, I’ve found myself wanting to get more invested in my website clients’ business successes. That is, I am finding that your true passion for what you do and how you do it doesn’t always come out during the website development cycle… when I truly get to know you and where your heart lies, I’m much more able to translate that vision into a functional design, so that you can create the experience you crave for your clients.

In the testimonial below, from Kristy Fassio of http://fassiofitness.com, you will find that I took the time to get to know Kristy, her clients, her habits and vision for her business. I took these components and gave her the tools to use her website to realize that vision in a way that would be warm and welcoming for her clients.

In that light, I went searching for a vehicle to increase when, where and how to do more business coaching… and I found it with Beachbody!


The first thought that people have when I tell them that I’ve signed up as a Beachbody coach is that I’m now going to be pushing products… that’s the biggest misconception about the roll of Beachbody coaches. So, right here, right now, let me correct that!

What a Beachbody Coach is:

  • An accountability partner for consumers looking to reach fitness-related goals
  • A partner in determining what fitness and nutritional products are right for an individual
  • An advocate for proper nutrition, adequate water consumption and regular exercise
  • A resource in a large organization devoted to reversing the obesity epidemic
  • A business coach to help others within the business (downline) grow their own businesses

It is that last point – being a business coach for downline coaches which sealed my desire to do this. I have the opportunity to share my passion for fitness with others who share this passion but may not yet be in the business. There are so many “next steps” that someone can take once they start on the Beachbody journey and I’m committed to helping each person who comes to me with a specific fitness, nutritional or financial goal achieve more than they could imagine before our paths crossed.

The greatest reason I stayed away from Beachbody as long as I did (it has been in the works for 8 months or more!) is because I wanted to make sure that my relationship with you – my clients, blog readers and future clients – wouldn’t feel threatened by or coerced into this part of my business. In that light, I launched http://jaimeslutzky.com to be home base for sharing more about Beachbody, business coaching and actually it is a huge step in an effort to brand myself (towards future AWESOME goals.)

So, where does that put current, prior and future clients who are looking for a website – exactly where you’ve always been: deep in my heart!

My coaching services are not the only services I offer – I am way too much of a techie/geeky girl to give up CSS/PHP for a bit of coaching! I wouldn’t dream of it. All roads lead back to the computer for me; it’s part of who I am.

In the comments below, share with me the types of questions you ask your business coach or would like to ask one if it was within your realm to hire one!