How to use your own website to create pretty urls

In my businesses, I have a ton of third party website links that come out all “long and funky” so I use a couple of quick little steps to make them “clean and easy to remember”. So, here’s a #fittechie post for you!

In this demonstration I show how to use the WordPress SEO plugin to create pretty urls.

Not only do these urls look better on social media or wherever you need to post them, but they are easy to remember! I actually wrote out on a business card and followed it with instructions for a prospective customer to follow in order to purchase the product we were discussing.

Taking this approach – when you have affiliate links, like the one I have for Headway Themes — which would you feel more comfortable clicking –¬† or They both work the exact same way, take you to the same place and give me credit on the affiliate site… but trust me when I say that it’s far easier to type the link than the other – and people are more likely to click on something that isn’t shortened to arbitrary characters.

If you don’t yet have a domain name or hosting, please let me know – we can get you started for less than $10/month!