More than just a Personal Trainer: Identifying your legacy!

If you are anything like me, you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to be known for your job. You don’t want a blank, non-descript title hanging over your head as if you were merely a number in a long line of drones.

That’s part of the reason you chose to be a personal trainer, right?

group personal trainingThe fitness industry is filled with all sorts of people, from meat-heads to hippity-hoppity cardio junkies. You can’t put one of those labels on yourself because you combine all the facets of good physical fitness into a brand that is uniquely your own.

Your legacy doesn’t come from being dang good at someone else’s form of fitness, it come from creating your own niche and planting your kind of seeds in the sea of millions of potential clients.

You know you won’t attract all shapes and sizes and that makes you thrilled!

So, in order to start to identify the cornerstones of your legacy, let’s play a little game!

Think if your favorite client, then ask yourself:

  • what did you offer to them to begin your relationship?
  • what did they tell you they were seeking?
  • what could you see they were searching for, beyond their words?
  • what mantra did you setup with them?
  • what are they motivated by?
  • what makes them stumble?

This list if questions could go on, and I’m sure I’ll throw more questions like this onto the blog in the future, but for now, that’s enough.

Your favorite client is probably not the most in-shape, go-get-em, never-to-crack fitness genius, because if she were, why would she “need you?” But she does need you and what she needs from you should be developed into one of the cornerstones of your legacy. This type of client will keep you grounded and motivated at the same time. This client isn’t done with you, just like you aren’t done with her.

Your Internal Spirit & Innate Talents

I combine your internal spirit and your innate talents into a single cornerstone… Staying true to your values and working within the space where you have the je-ne-say-quoi will make defining your legacy much easier. (I mean, who doesn’t prefer to do what comes easy and hits closest to their heart?) What are you “just plain good at” and what “makes you come alive” Flushing these out, in the context of a fitness entrepreneur will create two strong pillars!

Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Before we get to the final cornerstone, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I love fitness. I love encouraging others to be their best, try their hardest and feel great. I love teaching and coaching and mentoring my fitness clients — but I’ve realized that it’s not my legacy. I am not destined to be the next great fitness personality. I’m not built from the cloth they are to design, create and excite myriads of fitness consumers. And, I am 100% okay with that. But, let me tell you, my name is going to be known in the fitness industry!

My legacy is being built on the relationships I build with personal trainers and fitness professionals. I make having an online presence exciting and methodical. I teach, I coach, I mentor, I support. I am building this legacy based on several client avatars, my love of technology and love of making things work, my passion for fitness and the awesome fitness personalities I have had the pleasure of following/meeting/interacting with. I love to share and empower. These traits aren’t much different than those of my clients, just in a different arena!

The Final Cornerstone

The final cornerstone is the relationships we build in and around our sphere of influence. (The people we hang around with lift our spirits and make us feel awesome, right?) A legacy is nothing without people who are affected and changed by it. A legacy is created over time and with focused work and dedication.

You are destined to be a great trainer, coach, mentor, instructor or whatever title you choose at the moment — knowing who you are at the center and how you operate best will pave the way to your own Personal Trainer Legacy.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear about your legacy — where are your heart and mind and gifts taking you?