How to embed Beachbody videos on your WordPress website

I work with a lot of Beachbody coaches and one of the most frequent questions I get is “How do I use the Beachbody videos and links on my WordPress website.”

The top three things that I cover in the video are:

  1. How to get the proper code from the video
  2. Where to place the code
  3. How to place your customized purchase link on the same page.

Let’s go a bit further. WordPress themes are developed by hundreds of different people and businesses, not all of them make it easy to format your video to sit right where you want them.

If you cannot simply use the “align center” button as indicated in the video, you’ll need to add a bit of code around the embed code. Simply go back to the Text editor in WordPress and put the following on a line by itself above the object code you’ve previously inserted

<div style="text-align: center;">

And below the object code you’ll need to close the div with the following


Now, if you want to give that video a border, then you can elaborate on the customization… this takes a bit more work, but here’s the gist of it:

  • locate the tag that starts with <embed
  • before the src=, insert the border customization
  • style="border: 1px solid #ddd; padding:5px;"

Essentially what you’re telling browsers is that you want to give the embedded video a 1 pixel border all the way around in the grey color that is #ddd. The border should sit 5 pixels away from the embedded video (that’s the padding)

Paste that Beachbody Code with Confidence!Your customized product links…

It’s vital to the growth of your Beachbody business that your product links are correct, each and every time. Check out “How to use your own website to create pretty urls” for an overview to how to make the long product links something easier to use!

The basis of building your product link is as follows:

  1. Use the base
  2. Replace yourID with your coach ID, in my case it’s 234211
  3. Replace the EnterProductSKU with the product code located in the Price List and Product Links Form (My Business –> Forms and Documents)

Therefore, my link for PiYo (as used in the example is took it a step further and created which is far easier to share in an email, text message, FB message and even over the phone!

 Take a look at the resultant post over on!