3 ways to find a gold-mine of content

Every day you get bombarded with other fitness professionals’ successes, marketing efforts and inspirational images, right? I’d bet between all the social channels out there that you’re looking at that stuff every single time you get onto any social network!

I have one thing to tell you about all that NOISE:

Just because you’re seeing those messages, doesn’t mean that your followers are!

So, today, I’m offering up 3 quick ways to find great content to inspire you to create your own messaging!

  1. Facebook interest lists. An interest list is somewhere you can organize pages and people you follow for inspiration, so say you’re a Beachbody coach, create an interest list that includes all the Elite coaches for 2013. This list will be a gold-mine of top-notch content. You will easily see what the elite are posting without having to go to each page and each profile or scroll through an endless newsfeed!
  2. Follow some hashtags where ever they reside. Twitter and Instagram are known for the conversations that take place around hashtags. Check out tagboard to see the cross-channel use of your favorite hashtags! Here are a few to start looking at #personaltrainer, #fitpro & #fitfamily!
  3. Join a Google+ Community. Google+ communities are a great place to meet and collaborate with like-minded people in your specific niche. The organizational structure allows for concurrent yet separate conversations to take place. Unlike a Facebook group, where everything is strictly shown chronologically, in a Google+ community, conversations are tagged by the type of discussion being had. This means that you can easily find the share-able nuggets which may have become nestled within the other discussions.

Now that you have several sources of inspiration, it’s time to get out of the feeds and into the inspiration fields you’ve grown!

Bonus Tip: When you’re looking through any of the above, there might be so many good nuggets that you’ll want to save them for another time. I recommend using Evernote or OneNote to categorize your research, so that it’s faster and easier to retrieve the good stuff that you’ve already found!

  • Great tips to get out of all the noise and create relationships – haven’t really done anything with Google + – I’ll check it out!

    • Google+ is fun! I always get inspired on there! Be sure to circle me +JaimeSlutzky

  • As a content creator, this article is sooo timely! Picked up some awesome tips! Thank you so much! xo

    • Thank you! I hope you find them useful 🙂

  • #dang Jaime! I love these tips. I’m going to print this and keep it handy! Thank you… ROCK on!

    • Thank you Frank! I hope they bring you success!

  • All great tips! Another one is LinkedIn groups.

    • Yes Kevin! LinkedIn groups are great — I belong to a few of them myself!

  • Great tips and I will be using them all! Not the normal list, but creative ways to find content.

    • That was my goal Wade – something outside of the standard suggestions! So often we are told that we should be on Facebook or on Twitter or on any other social media platform, but without getting any direction once we’re there, it makes it quite difficult to avoid the time-suck that comes with the platforms!

  • Great suggestions! I only recently discovered Google+ the other day. What a gold mine of ideas! I usually just looked at my Twitter or Facebook feeds when browsing for new content. Sometimes LinkedIn. I will take your suggestions about searching hashtags too – something I haven’t done much before. Awesome post!

  • Great post, Jaime! Google+ is still an enigma for me, and I only have so much time to commit to social media, but will definitely look into it. Great points!

    • Thanks for your comment Karen. Google+ communities are amazing – I’m sure you’ll be well received in a ton of them!

  • Jaime, thank you for these tips. It can be SO overwhelming weeding through different sources trying to come up with relevant content to share. Huge takeaways!

    • Thanks Jodi! Anything that I can do that allows my tribe to do their best work and make the most impact within their community — that’s what makes me happy!