3 reasons your Facebook presence doesn’t kick-ass!

Facebook LogoSweet, you’ve got your business on Facebook and you’ve linked to it from your website, taken a picture of it and posted it on Instagram and even reminded your friends to connect with you in your business space to help grow your “organic reach.”

So, why then is nothing actually happening??? There are many reasons… Here are three that I see far too often, and how to resolve them!

  1. You are using a profile or a group instead of a page.
  2. Your page information is incomplete.
  3. The content you are pushing out doesn’t resonate with your fans.

Fortunately, there are remedies for all of these!

Create a Page

  • Facebook Create Page LinkJump on over to the Fit with Flair Facebook Page
  • Scroll down until you see the row of text directly under LIKED BY THIS PAGE, click on More
  • Click Create Page from the More menu
  • Select Local Business or Place, this will make sure your address and phone number are prominent in the About section of your page
  • Complete all form fields – remember this is a business presence, not a personal one!

If you created a Facebook Profile and are using that for your business, without using it for personal interaction, you will want to look at this Facebook Help Page to convert that profile to a business Page!

Incomplete Information

Go to http://www.facebook.com/[your facebook page]/info and hover over the Basic info section. You will see an Edit button — click it! This will take you into your Page Info settings. Complete each section on the right, and as you complete them, your page profile will be flushed out further.

The About section of your Facebook page will display what Facebook believes your visitors will want to see. If you don’t see what you want to see, go back to the Edit section and tweak things. **Note there are some differences between the available sections depending on whether you are listing the business as a Local Business or another Top-Level Category.

Not sure what to update or how to phrase your About page? Well, you’re in luck, I have THREE 15-minute Facebook Page review & insight sessions this week — send an email to branding@fitwithflair.com with the subject FB REVIEW. This cannot wait, your Facebook About Section is prime real estate and needs to be fully utilized!

Before we get to your actual content, let’s discuss what the different content types are

Status Update

There is no minimum or maximum (I believe) length of a status update. These are generally all text and can include questions, quotes, announcements, jokes, information, education and so on. This is often the easiest post type to make, since it involves only text. Hashtags and tagging other pages or groups are possible in text updates. It is not possible to tag a profile/person with a text update.

Image Update

As the type suggests, this involves using one or more images in a post. The recommended size of an image is 1200×1200, however it will be cropped by Facebook. I strongly recommend using the recommended image size — if you have questions, please use the comments below and I can help you out! There are so many reasons to use images, and they can be used as part of a status update. When you think about the image that you are about to post, ask yourself “would I stop for this image in my news feed?” — of course, the answer should be yes before you post it. So, if it’s not, go back and find another image that will connect to the viewer on an emotional level.

I suggest limiting your updates to using a single image. If you are creating an update about an event you recently hosted, then create a photo album on your page to preserve those images (and get more leverage!)

Video Update

When a video is displayed in the news feed, it automatically plays (without sound) and has huge potential for “stopping the endless scrolling.” Video uploaded natively to Facebook (rather than linking out to YouTube or another video host) will be shown in more news feeds, generally. There is no limit to the type of content or length of content in a video – but I do recommend uploading video longer than 25 seconds from a computer rather than a mobile device.


An offer is a “mini-advertisement” that you can put on your page for no charge. The idea is to get someone to say “Yes, I want to try this out.” These can be used for either something entirely free or a discount. Offers should be thought of as special, so don’t overuse them!


Facebook events can be held online or offline. Events will be automatically targeted to your page followers (likes) however you can invite anyone you want. These are great for meetups, parties, open houses, new classes, workshops etc. Events get published to the invitees calendars and they have their own “wall” or “feed” which contain information relevant to the event itself.


This is a special post that puts a mark on your business page timeline that indicates something important. Milestones can be used for a lot of things outside of the traditional milestones (like grand opening or 10th year in business.)

Content that resonates with your audience

Every page is going to have different results with the content they share, because Facebook uses extremely complex and robust algorithms to determine what will show up in the News Feeds of people who like our pages. Here is a basic outline of the different content types and what you might expect from them.

To get into as many news feeds as possible — that is the goal of any marketer, no matter if you’re marketing a small or large business.

We’ll wrap this post up with 5 questions you should be asking yourself during and after a post is up on your Facebook page!

  1. Have I done enough to make an emotional connection with this post?
  2. Have I told the reader/viewer how I want them to interact with the post?
  3. Is this post in line with my business/core values?
  4. Is it shareable?
  5. Will this post grow or shrink my community?

While, I don’t think that every post needs to be serious or business-focused (in fact they shouldn’t!) – I do believe that they need to resonate with your core values and since it is a business that you are in, always thinking about how your posts may or may not impact your client flow is critical.

I look forward to reading your thoughts — so please, share in the comments! (and don’t forget to email me, if you’re interested in me looking over your Facebook page!)