A Compelling Opt-In Offer

It’s no longer enough to have an inconspicuous box on your website sidebar that says “Sign up for my Mailing List”… these boxes just don’t grab the attention required to grow your email list and get your community excited about your business.

Flip “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” on its headBright Shiny Object Banner

As a business owner, I know you understand the expression “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” — this is the case where someone stops a task in midstream and heads to one that looks more fun or more lucrative or promises something amazing. It’s akin to hoping from diet to diet in hopes that one is going to just cause all the excess fat to drip off someone’s body.

As humans, we all have a tendency for bright shiny object syndrome – and as a business owner, you can use this tendency to get people out of what they would normally do and follow a path that you want.

And that brings me to the compelling opt-in offer… on a normal course through your blog or your website, most people wouldn’t even look twice at a basic fill in the form type newsletter subscription. Since you want them to opt-in, you’ll need to do something that compels or urges them to take action.

Create a bright shiny object

Yup! Create something so compelling that a website visitor cannot pass it up for anything! Actually, create lots of bright shiny objects!

A couple of months ago I was listening to an episode of The Smart Passive Income Podcast where Pat Flynn was interviewing Clay Collins (the founder of LeadPages.) In it they discussed having a unique opt in offer on each and every blog post — this can become your bright shiny object…

What do most people do when they reach the end of a blog post? — They go back to whence they came

Imagine how enticing it would be for someone to stick around a little bit longer if you dangle a beautiful, useful bonus in front of them?

As you plan out your blogging schedule for the rest of the year (which you are doing this week, right?) also figure out what the next most logical piece of content someone would want to consume after they read your post — would they want an instructional video? a PDF? an audio file? a worksheet? a checklist? a consultation with you? a text reminder on their phone?

Dig deep into what that new object looks like and how it will make the reader compelled to act.

Ask yourself these three questions before implementing an end of blog post opt-in opportunities:

  • Is it actually related to the blog post?
  • Will the reader be able to act on it immediately?
  • Is it so incredible that my future emails will be well received?

WARNING: Your bright shiny object creation should only take a nominal amount of time!

Be sure that when you’re crafting these bright shiny end of blog post opt-in opportunities that you keep your own time & money factors in line. I do not want to see you spending hours working on this — it should be straightforward for you to create and not take a significant amount of time.

*If you’re offering videos, think about having a client in the videos with you — so that they can be recorded while you are doing profitable work!

Wishing you a successful week of brainstorming — and please, if you haven’t already, sign up for a 25 minute quick chat with me and we can brainstorm them together!
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