Get off the social media hamster wheel

Social media is an extremely valuable tool for growing your business. In order to fully maximize its benefits, your social media consumers need to be viewed as prospects. Prospects should become leads, and leads should become clients, right?

So, why are you sending your prospects around and around in social media?

Imagine you have a perfect for you client who stumbles upon your Instagram feed while looking for a quick workout that she can do at home, since her child is sick. She is drawn in to all your beautiful images and videos and wants to get more from you, so after watching your Instagram video, she checks out the link in your profile… it goes to your Facebook page. She jumps over to your Facebook page, sees more stuff that she loves and finds out that you are in the same town!
So now, she’s really excited and heads to the About section of your Facebook page… and on there, instead of sending your prospects out to your own domain, you have listed your twitter profile. While a bit frustrated, she heads over to twitter to finally get a link to your website! But alas, on twitter, you list your website as your Instagram feed.

Stop the cycle!

Social Media IconsIt’s important to give your prospects the opportunity to elevate themselves out of the crowd and become leads. All the social media channels give this ability, so why aren’t you taking advantage of it?

3 Highly Effective Social Media Exit Funnels

  1. YOU.COM. The most obvious exit funnel will lead the prospect over to a fully built, mobile responsive and intuitive homepage for your business. This page will have all the elements that the prospect could want — ways to get in touch, your other social media channel links, a highly appealing opt-in opportunity, information about you and your programming, your philosophy and so on. This can be augmented by a well timed opt-in pop over, to further entice the prospect into becoming a lead.
  2. A squeeze page. This is a very simple page with just a signup box for a highly appealing opt-in opportunity. It is used to collect email addresses and convert prospects to leads.
  3. A sales page. This is a great option for trainers who have something amazing to sell – like an e-book or an online course. Instead of giving something away, like in the case of a squeeze page, the prospect is taken over to a page where they can actually buy something!

The key reason why so many businesses have been successful on social media is because they have figured out exactly how to get their prospects out of social media and into a place where business can take place.

Turning prospects into leads is the only way to turn leads into clients. A trainer with 10,000 followers on social media without a way to convert them into leads may not be as successful in business as a trainer with 300 followers who has setup a way off the social media hamster wheel.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to get yourself off the wheel — even if you do not have a website! Setup a 10-minute quick chat with me, and let’s turn your prospects into leads!