Web Strategies That Work

Over the summer, I was interviewed for the NASM The Training Edge Magazine and the article created from the interview is part of the November/December issue!nasm-training-edge-article-snippet

As indicated in the article, I listed 3 top web strategies that work and 3 things to avoid. Let’s go into them in greater detail:

Smart Ideas

  1. Mobile Optimization. Your site will be viewed on a mobile browser at least as often (probably more often) than on a traditional computer screen. In order to keep a website visitor interested in your content, it is best to make it an enjoyable experience. Website visitors do not want to spend their time zooming and panning around your site, they’ll be inclined to leave and find the information elsewhere.
  2. Brand across platforms. Make your life as easy as possible by sticking with your brand fonts, colors, logos across all platforms — from your website, to email campaigns and social media banners to actual content. The double-win on implementing this strategy is that your clients/fans/followers will learn to trust you faster.
  3. Update frequently. In the NASM article, I recommended blogging weekly and reviewing all your website pages on a monthly basis. The key here is to be consistent, in order to gain additional trust and respect. Nobody wants to see your Thanksgiving-related schedule changes in February!

Common Mistakes

  1. Not optimizing. In order to stand out from the other trainers and fitness centers online, your voice needs to be loud and clear. It also needs to be focused on what people are actually wanting to find. The key to being found online is to figure out what your ideal client is looking for and to write answers to their questions. So, when you answer the burning question of “How can I get 6-pack abs” it will only reach their search results if you actually optimize your post for “6-pack abs.” Saying how to get a flatter tummy won’t give either of you the results you’re seeking!
  2. Too few images. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is no joke — just take a look at Pinterest and Instagram to see how powerful images truly are. In order to keep your website visitor engaged, there need to be enough compelling images sprinkled throughout the site. Another note about images — make sure they are sized correctly for use on the web. Remember back to #1 in the Smart Ideas, many of your visitors will be coming from mobile browsers and the images shouldn’t slow down their experience. Check out Images are worth the time for more on this topic!
  3. No contact information. Quite simply, if you don’t list your contact information on your website, there is absolutely no way for a prospective client to connect with you on their terms. Yup, you saw that right — they need to connect with you in a way that feels most comfortable to them. That means, you’re doing them a disservice by not providing a phone number, email address and/or physical address. As a service professional, it’s not just the service you provide during the sessions that matter, it’s the entire experience! Make it as easy as possible for people to fall in love with you and your business by providing them with everything they need. Bonus tip: Your address should be formatted so that when it is selected on a mobile phone, it will launch the map app, so that the user can get directions to your place of business. Likewise, selecting your phone number should lead to the dialer function on a mobile phone. **This means that if you have 1-888-FITNESS as your phone number, it must also be listed as 1-888-348-6377