Just do it for me!!

typingIt’s true, I often forget how many other things you, as the amazing personal trainer that you are, have on your plate — and I assume that with a bit of instruction from me, or a tutorial or a video, you’ll be able to just add a bell or whistle to your website, Facebook page, twitter feed or an email blast. Well, you’ve spoken loud and clear —

“Can you just do it for me???”

Well, sure I can. In fact, I would be happy to be your strategic partner and/or virtual assistant. I thrive on helping my peers in the fitness community with reaching more ideal clients and growing their businesses!

So, setup a Quick Chat with me and we can figure out the details!

—This should be the end of this blog post, right? I mean, you have clearly told me what you want, and I’ve offered a solution… —

But, it’s not the end, not by a long shot!

As much as you say that you want me to do it for you, I keep seeing you peering over my shoulder as I work on the technical stuff because you WANT to DIY-it! And, frankly, I want you to DIY-it too!

This is one of the reasons I created the Ready to Run program, but anyway, this is the blog, not a sales page… now onto the GOODS!

Here are three things that I won’t do for you, no matter what!

1) Work in your email inbox

I will work on your email inbox, but not in it. I am all about setting up systems to make overall maintenance and moving forward easier, so we can spend a significant amount of time creating rules and filters and settings in your inbox so that it works right, but I can say with certainty that I will not be looking at the individual email messages!

2) Universally cross-link your social media accounts

I refuse to be part of the social media clutter… that is, when you have a piece of content on Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn it does not automatically deserve to be on twitter! Each social media platform is unique and the type of content that gets posted in one place might not be right for the next. I want the cross-posting to be deliberate, so I work with my clients to setup IFTTT recipes in order to only put the appropriate items on multiple platforms.

3) Let you give away your services!

Promotions and lead-in opportunities are one thing, but you’re in business and I want you to stay in business – so I’ll put my foot down and refuse to implement anything that I believe will cause you or your business financial harm. Personal trainers are in the business of helping others, but so often I see people forget to help themselves. Your time and expertise are worth a lot and I refuse to let you go after the bargain hunters — they will not stay with you for the long haul, rave about you nor fill your proverbial bucket!

Let me fill your bucket!

You deserve daily praise and adoration! I believe you need to have the tools to attract the people who will give the aforementioned praise!

In the comments below, please let me know what I can do to help you get and use the right tools — do you know want to know what tools I suggest? do you want to know how to use a specific technique or strategy? do you want to learn how to break down objections? what are you under-utilizing or feel is under performing?