What should you be putting into your emails?

In today’s post, I take what we started in A Compelling Opt-In Offer further, and dig into your follow up series!

In the most basic terms, the follow up series is designed to encourage your new list member to open your emails, now and in the future, especially when you want them to buy something from you! (Nobody is going to buy from you if they don’t see the offer/opportunity, right?)

hello-letterFirst follow up email

This email should enhance your opt-in offer. That is, when your second email (first follow up) makes sense with the freebie that you gave away in order to start emailing the prospect, you gain trust.

Second follow up email

This email is generally the shortest in the email sequence. I liken it to “checking in” with the prospect. Making sure that they are taking action on the initial opportunity, and potentially offering them tangential information.

Third follow up email

This is the most important email in the follow up series, because it’s the one where you begin to merge the new subscriber into your natural flow of emails. This email should expand on your business, enough so that a reader gets a bigger view of what you offer. This email should continue to expand upon the initial theme – perhaps explaining why the initial freebie falls in line with your overall business philosophy.

Call to Action

Just like on your website and in social media, it’s important to clearly tell an email subscriber what you want them to do when they reach the end of your emails! Try adding a social media-related call to action to the end of each of your emails — determine which platform makes sense for you and your subscriber and craft as much as possible for them.

If you’re wanting them to engage with you on Twitter, craft the tweet using Spredd.it or Click2Tweet like this:

Tweet out about this blog post!

Or ask the subscriber to tag you or use a specific hashtag in their share.

When someone follows through with your call to action, it gives social proof to your business, allows more sets of eyes to see your business and of course, gives you another medium for corresponding/engaging with them!

So, Jaime, what about selling???

I know, I know, I know… you want people on your mailing list in order to make revenue. So, when is the right time to ask for a sale? There is no right answer to this, unfortunately. The best suggestion I have, is to make sure you know what your subscribers truly want from you, and cater a sales opportunity to that. Take your time in growing the trust factor (email is only one part of this equation) and since EVERYONE needs fitness in their life, the time will be right for your AMAZING OFFER!!

Your first call to action: Please answer this one question survey?

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