The Disqus commenting system

Last week, in my post I offered out to anyone who was interested “… leave a link to your website, I will come over and visit your site/comment on your blog posts and do whatever I can to help you attract more ideal clients!” and I had one of my readers contact me on Facebook and let me know that they didn’t want to sign up for another service, just to leave a comment on that post — so, I decided to let you know why the Disqus commenting system is on the Fit with Flair blog, rather than the WordPress commenting system.Disqus, as it appears when not logged in

For the first nearly 3.5 years of the Fit with Flair blog, I was using the standard WordPress commenting system and I added the CommentLuv Premium plugin in order to allow commenters to link up to their twitter handle and/or a recent blog post. This element provided a small sense of community as well as gave you, the reader, additional incentive to leave a comment. I liked this combination and would likely still be using it, except…

There’s something about community!

With Disqus, there is a way to find additional content that your commenters are also commenting on, as well as authoring. Check out this short video as to the power of the Disqus commenting system — it allows for a deeper relationship with the most valuable people in your community!

Disqus is a medium for finding other interesting blogs that are also of interest to my readers. This is valuable because I have the potential to discover new business relationships, help the Fit with Flair community grow and most of all, introduce the Fit with Flair blog and community to new readers and fitness professionals!

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Implementing Disqus on the Fit with Flair blog has increased engagement by over 200% in the past 2 months! So, why not try it on your blog!

In the comments below, share your top go-to blogs/websites where you connect with other fitness professionals!