Social sharing buttons are not optional

We see them everywhere — those little Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Email and Buffer buttons on so many blogs, right?  (I’m sure that I missed some good ones in that quick list too!)

Those buttons are collectively referred to as social sharing buttons, because they allow readers a very easy way to share the post with friends and

Having a blog, with any level of readership and making sure to have social sharing buttons readily availabile can multiply the potential reader audience fast.

Even if your readership is small right now… social sharing buttons can make a difference between growth and stagnation!


So, imagine a post on your website is read by 10 people. They came from your personal social media or email marketing. Look at the difference between social sharing buttons and none:

  1. Three (3) of your readers thought there was something good in it and worth sharing with their friends. You don’t have any social sharing buttons and none of them actually copy the URL and share it on their Facebook Feed. Total Readership: 10
  2. Two (2) of your readers thought there was something good in it and worth sharing with their friends. You have Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons on your website. The first person clicks on both buttons and shares your post with their 300 friends on Facebook and 100 followers on Twitter. The second person only clicks the Facebook button and shares your post with 190 friends. Suppose that one out of every 80 people clicked over and read your blog. You probably have 7 new readers for that blog post! And the cycle continues with these 7 new readers, this time three (3) want to share your post, combined they have 1000 followers/friends and your blog will get 12 new readers. So, in only 3 iterations your total readership becomes 31 people.

Not bad for adding social sharing buttons ONE TIME for all your blog posts.

The best part about having social sharing buttons is that they bring in vetted leads. It’s worth it for all of us (as website/blog owners) to provide the best possible content and experience we can.

Are you wondering which social sharing buttons are best to have on your site?

That’s a very good question, and because each of us is a different kind of trainer, and have potential for attracting our unique set of ideal clients, except for Facebook and Twitter, the others are entirely up to you and your business.

Brief social media platform descriptions

  • Facebook and Twitter are the most recognized social platforms and the majority of your blog readers will have one or both accounts.
  • Google+ is a highly visible social channel, it’s linked to Google, and therefore has an effect on Google’s search results, it’s also directly associated with YouTube (Google owns them!)
  • Pinterest boasts some of the most influential consumers around. To be Pinterest-worthy, be sure to have high quality and persuasive imagess.
  • LinkedIn is commonly thought of as a business social network. The biggest benefit of this platform (IMO) is the ability to share posts into groups as well as the feed.
  • Reddit is a hybrid of an old-fashioned bulletin board and a news outlet. Reddit’s primary users are men under 30.
  • StumbleUpon is another tool where users can find information/articles in specific categories, based on recommendations from other users who think that an article/post is worth sharing.
  • Buffer isn’t a social platform unto itself, rather it’s a “share-later” platform, and allowing someone to add your blog to their Buffer feed is a great way to get future engagement.

I believe that having 3-5 sharing networks available to your readers is the best approach. Spreading yourself too thin, may result in less than optimal ROI; not giving enough options to your readers may lessen your overall potential as well.

In the comments below, share what social networks you enjoy sharing other bloggers/pros content on!