Pivot your conversations in order to sell…

It’s funny, when I’m wearing my personal trainer hat (I do not actually have a hat, but I do still do personal training — at a big box gym, but that’s for another post!)… anyway, I love to talk with clients and prospective clients about almost anything — but somehow the idea of saying “let’s get you on the schedule for some training” is the hardest pivot to take.

Wouldn’t you agree?

We chose a career in fitness and wellness in order to be in a position to help others, so why is it so difficult to pivot the conversation both online and offline?

So, learning how to make conversation and then leading them down the path to hiring you as their personal trainer is not only vital to the success of your business but also required in order to be fulfilled in this career!

Let’s take three scenarios – two online and one offline and dive deep into the required pivot!

Scenario 1: Facebook – the indirect approach

In this scenario, you, as the personal trainer, post post this image on your public Facebook page with the caption Which piece of equipment excites you the most? fitness-equipmentThere end up being three page fans who are not currently clients that engage with the image… how do you respond? where/how do you pivot the conversation?

  • LIKE each of the separate comments
  • Reply back to each of the comments, on the nested comment thread, so that your response is specifically in regards to their comment/response
  • Do your research. Look up each person’s profile page to identify if they are likely to be a future client, or merely stumbled upon your page.
  • If you deem this person to be a viable lead, engage them with a private message on Facebook as well as continue to converse with them in the public stream. *Note, some messages will funnel into the “other” folder, so be sure to mention that you sent a private message to them
  • Invite the user to join your email list, either via the Facebook thread, if appropriate or in the private message.
  • Use the private conversation to schedule a first session or telephone call and direct them to your services page (which has your prices included on it)

Scenario 2: In person networking event or social situation

In this scenario, you are attending the local chamber of commerce mixer. This isn’t a meeting, but just a chance for business owners in the community to meet one another. You get into a conversation with someone (let’s call him Jim) and know he would greatly benefit from working with you one-on-one.

You’ve done a great job getting him to open up about his business and he keeps coming back to the fact that he’s so tired all the time and doesn’t have enough energy when he gets home from work to play with the kids. In conversation, you also find that he takes two hour lunches because the lunch time is particularly slow in his business. How do you pivot this conversation in order to get him into lunch time training sessions with you?

  • The next time he starts discussing how tired or lethargic he’s feeling, ask him if he ever goes for a walk at lunch time.
  • Progress this conversation into the benefits of fresh air and just moving.
  • Ask him what is holding him back from getting up from his desk, even though he’s “at lunch”
  • Invite him to come workout with you tomorrow, next week, on Thursday, etc.
  • Schedule the appointment with him via your phone calendar. Send him an email confirmation within 12 hours. Include a link to your services page and identify the most relevant section.
  • Call him the day before the session to remind him what to wear, what to bring and that you’re really excited to see him again.
  • Greet him with a smile and let him talk throughout the session, while boosting his confidence that this is going to be amazing

Scenario 3: Engagement through someone else’s Instagram feed

In this scenario, you begin to follow a certain tag on Instagram. Slowly over the course of 3 weeks you engage with someone who would be an ideal client, on their Instagram feed. You give the images some “love” and answer the questions they pose.

  • Check what other social media outlets they use on a regular basis, and connect with them on those platforms.
  • Identify their top 3 needs/wants as it pertains to fitness & wellness
  • Post images on your own Instagram feed that help to address their needs/wants.
  • Tag them (and/or use the common hashtag) when sharing information that they would benefit from.
  • Send them a “get to know you” DM including something extremely valuable to their goals
  • Allow them to get to know you and what you offer. Take time nurturing this relationship.
  • When they begin to ask you direct questions (which they will, if you take enough time), you’ll be able to invite them to a session or telephone call, much like in scenario 1

It’s not a matter of pivoting the conversation directly to the sale, it’s a matter of pivoting the conversation in order to invite the sale to occur. It’s far easier to talk about what you offer and how it can help someone when you already feel comfortable with them, and they feel comfortable with you.

Everyday, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with prospective clients, be open to them and remember that there’s always an angle that you can take in order for them to see you as the expert that you and I both know you are.

In the comments below, please share your favorite social platform and your handle/url. I am looking for 3 personal trainers for a beta program and I will be selecting them from those of you who comment/share content with me through the comments on posts this month 🙂

  • Love the insight into Instagram courtship. I’ve got to put this to work. Thanks

    • Be sure to let me know how the Instagram strategy works for you Jack!

  • Having a meaningful sales conversation can be so tough. Great ideas here! Thanks.

    • Thanks Frank! Sales conversations shouldn’t be the first thing out of your mouth… grooming the relationship will yield far greater successes.

  • Great tips on how to lead and pivot the conversation. When you know people will benefit from your services it’s the responsible thing to do!

    • I like that — “It’s the responsible thing to do”

  • FireStarters

    Thanks for the pointers Jaime! Plenty to take away from here that will be so beneficial!

    • Thanks Dean… Knowing how to pivot the conversation is such an important (& learnable) skill.

  • Great information on how to pivot conversation. I always not sure what to say next in person and online. This post gives me some idea how I could pivot my conversations.

    • Yay! So happy it inspired you!

  • Ariana Fotinakis

    These are fantastic tips Jaime, thank you!! I’ve really been focusing on the relationship-building aspect through social media, and while I’m definitely connecting with more people on a daily basis I’m not noticing much traction from my efforts. I’ve got two new networking events to attend this week, so looks like I’ve got lots of opportunity to test these out! 🙂

    • Be sure to let me know how they go Ariana!! You’ve got the personality to make it happen!

  • hi Jaime keep inspiring people and good luck!! greetings from Indonesia

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