Create a social media schedule in 3 easy steps

social-media-planning-cork-boardWhen was the last time you felt like you were in control of your social media marketing? Do you wonder what you should post on a daily and weekly basis?

Instead of scratching your head each morning and saying to yourself “what am I going to post on social today” how would you feel if you had already planned it out (and maybe even already had it scheduled!)

When it comes to the actual act of scheduling, there are tools that you can use that can help — but that’s not really what this post is about — rather, this post is about creating a schedule so you know what to say, where to say it and how to deliver the message.

When someone decides to follow your Instagram feed, or like your Facebook page, they do it because they see something in your message that they resonate with, and they want more of what you’re sharing.

What have you posted recently that has had decent comments/likes/shares? Has it been video? images? links? your own story? client stories?

Knowing what your audience is liking/sharing/pinning/appreciating is the first step to creating more of it, and making your social media message consistent, manageable and awesome!

Let’s put together your first social media schedule!

There are only 3 steps:

  1. Determine which topics you want to share with your {growing} community. These can be anything from the latest Kettlebell trends to nutrition facts and work-life balance to workout playlists. I recommend selecting between 3 and 5 topics. Come up with 15 – 20 images/videos/articles for each topic. These can include stuff you already have on your computer or phone, or things that interest you enough to find online. The key here is to have a list to draw from.
  2. Choose one or two platforms, in addition to Facebook, to post on. Facebook is by far the biggest platform available to your fitness business, and while it may not bring you much business, having a continuous stream of new information will help new clients/followers/community members have access to your best information. Other networks to consider are twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. I would stay away from the smaller sites, at least for this schedule.
  3. List out what item(s) you’re going to share on what networks each day for the next month. The 45+ items that you picked out in #1 will allow for several posts each day across the different networks.

Knowing what you’re going to post and to which platform will make it far easier to avoid feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from your social media message.

This schedule is going to account for less than 50% of your activity on social media – it’s your outbound activity. The rest of what you do on social media should be unscripted and extremely interactive. When you like/comment/share/pin other people’s stuff you build a relationship with them! So be sure not to lose sight of the ongoing and interactive part of social media, let your planning schedule take care of the professional side!

In the comments below, share with the Fit with Flair community where you thrive or struggle most when it comes to sharing on social media!