Jaime Slutzky has been building websites specifically designed for fitness professionals for over 2 years. She is driven by her clients’ passion for fitness and wellness which is evident in the websites she produces.

But seriously, who wants to hear about me in the third person? I’m proud to say I wear geek on my sleeve and lululemon on my body. It’s awesome to have two passions and be able to merge them into something new and even more exciting!

Getting down to business

On a typical day, well there isn’t really a typical day when you work from home and enjoy the juggle of wife and mother with website development and business coaching among others. So ,on that typical day, I can be found piecing together jquery, css and php to create your website experience, offering you an inside-outside look at your business and it’s direction or figuring out new ways to inspire you to extend your reach within your community.

Some of my crowning achievements of late include being hired by a client by way of a tweet by a colleague, designing several client sites (I usually contract out the design stuff but these sites were quite fun to envision from the ground up!) and of course, the Fit with Flair online conference for fitness professionals on March 12th, 2013.

So, you made it this far in my bio – want to know more about me as a person?

  • Born and Raised in Vancouver Canada. I have two younger siblings.
  • Graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in 1999
  • Was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999
  • Moved to the Seattle area in 1999
  • Married my husband in 2003
  • Became a mom in 2006
  • Became an American citizen in 2008
  • Became a mom again in 2009
  • Began teaching fitness classes for moms in 2009
  • Launched Simply Jaime, for small business website development in 2010
  • Quit being a full time career mom in 2011
  • Launched Fit with Flair in 2011
  • Pivoted Fit with Flair from Websites for Fitness Professionals to Elevate your Online Presence to Kick-Ass Status in 2014

A friend recently described me this way:

Jaime uses her vision to create a path to success. As she follows this path there is nothing that can stop her. Each challenge she faces strengthens her with more passion to find skills and tools she needs to achieve her goals.