A positive mindset {case study}

Today’s episode is all about using all the non-fitness facets of what makes you YOU to fuel your training business.

How often have you had a conversation in the grocery store or at the mall or when you’re out with the kids. Inevitably the conversation turns to what you do for work. Your side of the conversation tends to trail off at “It’s pretty good…”

In your mind you’ve got a long list of things…

  • If only I could make more money
  • If only I could have more clients
  • If only I didn’t have that part time job
  • If only I didn’t have to work a split shift
  • and the list goes on

I don’t like negativity.

The negativity that is in your mind needs to be cleared away, in order to make room for more good stuff to come in. So, let’s end the negativity right here. For the rest of the episode, think about these three things

  1. What’s holding you back from releasing those buts?
  2. What would you replace those buts with, in an ideal world?
  3. What is your next step to go from #1 to #2?

Let me introduce you to two trainers…

The first is a female trainer in her mid twenties. She works in a big box gym. She worked as a bartender for a number of years before becoming a trainer. She also kept that job while growing her training business.

She was available for her clients whenever they wanted her, except Thursday nights, Friday nights and Saturday nights because those were her nights at the bar. Fortunately, those tend to be quite unpopular times for people to want to work with their trainer.

She was able to grow her training business at the gym while maintaining a steady stream of income from the bartender job.

As bartenders generally do, there is always conversation going on. And the regulars and chatty folks soon asked her why she was working at the bar when she really wanted to be a full time personal trainer. Instead of letting herself go to the buts… her response became:

I’m here because I love people. I felt that this was a great place for me to practice the people skills I need in order to be the trainer that I am working towards.

She took away the financial but and replaced it with an authentic positive response.

Whether you work a second or third job, remember your reason for being there is in part to further your growth as a person and as a trainer and as an adult!

The second trainer is a male trainer. He is in his early thirties. For the longest time, he wanted to be in the fitness industry. He worked out throughout his twenties while working retail jobs and construction. A reliable source of income was most important to him at that time.  But he was feeling empty. So, do you know what he did?

hand holding pencil - writers blockHe started a gratitude journal. In it, he wrote things like

  • I am grateful for the time I have at the gym for myself because it makes ____________ job easier
  • I am grateful for my time with my family because it does ____________________
  • I am grateful for {this} because of {that}

When he became a trainer, he looked back at that gratitude journal and used the statements he had written to fuel his momentum at becoming a better trainer each and every day.

He used the statements in his gratitude journal to squash the buts when he was working retail or construction. He was able to successfully squash the buts because he had already put things in place to be grateful for where he was at that moment in time.

My challenge for you today and your call to action: Find a way to squash the buts. Find a way to make it so that whatever else is going on in your life is not pulling you away from your true passion and reason for being a trainer.

Write things down. Make a conscious effort to continue to grow no matter what.

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