Answer their questions! {content}

In yesterday’s episode we talked about content curating and how you can use the results in your twitter marketing strategy.

Today’s episode is breaking up the types of content that you can curate and how it benefits you to curate from multiple sources.

Having a good list of questions to curate answers for is the first element of effective content curating

hand holding pencil - writers blockLet’s put it this way — when you curate content that means you’re looking for something that answers a specific question.

Knowing your specific question will help you to find the best article that is already out there on the web, in order to share.

The second thing is knowing which sites to curate content from

Each one of us is going to have a different top two or three sites that we like to grab articles from.

Think about it — what sites do you like to go to in order to answer questions you have? Why are they your top picks?

Do you prefer slow churn or fast churn websites?

As we discussed in Podcast 16 with Jon Goodman, slow churn websites publish one to two articles each week. Fast churn sites, on the other hand, may put out 10 or 20 articles on a daily basis!

There is a very big difference between the type of content that is on these different sites.

Know where you are pulling content from, in order to leverage that potential relationship and the content in a mutually beneficial way.

The reason why this matters has to do with the lifespan of the sharing of that article. It’s not for the content itself, it’s more for the content creator — if they are expecting to see a rush of shares when they first publish a post and you can be included in that, then you may have a larger impact on the creator (or if you wait, then the creator might be even more appreciative of your efforts.)

On fast churn sites, it’s less important for content to be shared immediately, because it will roll off the front page quickly, regardless of the quality and/or relevance.

Let’s take an example.

Why is it so difficult for me to lunge with my right leg forward but easy with my left!

During your research, you locate 4 articles that are worth curating in order to answer this question — two of them on fast churn sites and two on slow churn sites.

The question becomes which one should you post first?

If something is on a slow churn site and it’s less than 1 week old, that should be the first item that you share, because the boost of traffic you give to the content creator will be felt.
If the slow churn content is older (and may have rolled off the first page) the timing of sharing the content is less important.
When it comes to fast churn sites, the timing is almost irrelevant. Rather, taking a look at what social platforms those articles are shared on might give a better measure as to where you should share that (in order for your name to be linked to the future sharing of the content)

When you find content worth sharing, look at how it will benefit your clients, your prospects, the content creator AND your business!

Your call to action: Go into your list of questions that you want to answer for your community through curated content and CURATE some CONTENT! Then determine the right time to share the content and DO IT!

My content curation spreadsheet