The Contact Page {Website}

Before we get to today’s topic (which is the contact form on your website) I wanted to let you know that February is officially #TakeAction month! What that means is that each of the show notes pages for episodes this month will not only include a call to action, but also access to exclusive content created just for podcast listeners like you!

When someone comes to the contact page of your website, they come for one of three reasons

  1. To find out information for how to contact you outside of your website
  2. To be able to send you a message using a form on your website
  3. To find out where on Social Media you are hanging out so that they can connect with you there

Direct Contact

This includes your email address, your phone number and for your physical address so that they can actually show up for training!

Your direct contact information should be listed clearly at the top of the contact page. If it is not currently there, this is your call to action! Making sure that prospective clients will be able to reach you is vital to your business so place this information exactly where they expect to find it.

Sending you a Message

Having a contact form embedded onto your contact page is the easiest way to facilitate the sending of this type of message.

There are a number of different plugins in WordPress that you can use to create forms. I recommend Gravity Forms. This is a premium plugin, with an annual renewal (I’m also an affiliate, which means they will pay me a percentage of your purchase price for following this link). Gravity Forms allows for a variety of different forms to be created and managed on your site, and we will get into those a whole lot in an upcoming episode of the Fit with Flair podcast.

With Gravity Forms you’ll be able to customize the fields, design and routing of your form – but for now, let’s just say that this investment ($39 – $199) will pay you back time and time again.

Social Media Connections

Being conversational with people on social media is great for the people you are having conversations with. Listing these streams on your contact page adds credibility for those people who are not yet connected with you on Facebook or Twitter!

Your social media conversations are great forms of social proof – they show you are responsive, communicative, engaging and that you genuinely care about your community members.

Keep your social streams to your one or two most active channels – if your engagement is large enough on any one stream, that stream would be great to list by itself. Be smart about it; if you haven’t updated your Instagram feed in 3 weeks, having it on your contact page will not do anything positive for your business.

Why it matters

The contact page is one of the first pages I work on with my private clients. We make sure it is top notch because if it’s a 10/10 then people are going to take the next step and actually contact you!

Your call to action: Go to and pick up a copy of Gravity Forms. Then create the form that will sit on your contact page.

Want a copy of the Gravity Forms Video Tutorial?

Tell me your name and the best email address to send your video to and I’ll send it right over!

Be sure to leave a link to your contact page in the comments below so that I can check it out! I am in this 100% to help you – your comments in the show notes (and on the blog posts) fire me up and motivate me to keep providing you with ways to attract more clients to your fitness business.

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