What your email address tells your prospects {email}

In today’s episode we are talking about your email address. This podcast goes over some of the same topics as the “Your Email Address is Online Real Estate” blog post from December 2014.

Your email address can re-enforce or detract from the brand that you are developing, so yes, we really are taking an entire episode to talk about it!

There are two different types of email addresses you can have – either ones that are on gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, outlook or so on where the domain for that email is the service provider or email addresses that have your business name (& website) as the provider.

As the email address owner…

Your first decision is whether you will be using your domain or gmail (yahoo/outlook/Hotmail/etc)

Public email address providers are super simple to setup and easy to use across devices.

Your domain email addresses are a bit more work up front, but once they have been setup are just as easy to use and maintain, even across devices. Head over to the Email Address blog post for instructions on setting up your domain email address through your Bluehost CPanel.

From the client/prospect perspective…

Having a public email address says one of the following about you/your business:

  1. It is too confusing for you to setup email on your own domain
  2. That you were too lazy to setup email on your own domain
  3. That you were too cheap to add email to your hosting

None of those are positive messages – so let’s stop that right now!

Did you know that you can actually get your own domain emails through their service? Yup – sign up here to get my video showing you exactly how to get your emails on gmail!

Now – to recap the highlights from the Email Address blog post:

5 reasons your business will benefit from your-domain.com emails:

  1. Brand recognition — that is, your business name will be placed right in front of your clients and prospects.
  2. Authority — your emails will be perceived to have greater authority, since they are easily identified as business-to-consumer (trainer-to-client)
  3. Ease of communication — it’s far easier to verbally communicate an email address that ends with your business name with vendors, contractors and clients
  4. Consistency across communication channels — Makes it easy for prospective clients to find your website, social media profiles and business listings
  5. No fear of flight — when your business is grounded with a domain name and corresponding email address, it is more likely that you’re in business for the long haul, which will lessen potential fears by clients/prospects about investing in your services!

Fact is, I want you to attract more ideal clients to your business, and setting up your-domain.com email address is a smart and logical step to do so!

Your call to action: Go into your CPanel and setup your email address(es) so that you can start sending emails from your domain! That’s it — let’s rock those emails!