Own your expert status with a blog {Website}

In today’s episode we are discussing blogging!

I firmly believe that having a blog on your website in order to attract more ideal clients to your personal training business. Instead of talking about why you should be blogging, I decided to take this episode in a different direction – giving you three surefire categories which you can use as a launching point for content for you blog.

You have some serious knowledge that your clients and prospective clients are dying to get their hands on. We both know that nobody wants to have a trainer for the next 40 years, people hire trainers in order for them to divulge their secrets to weight loss, muscle gain and so on… and then they stop working with us, right?

So use that to your advantage – give them what they want on your blog, so that they come to you wanting more!

Here are three categories for your blog:

  1. Exercises/exercise library. Going into the nitty gritty details about how to properly perform a given exercise, why that exercise benefits the client, how to know you’re doing it right and what muscle groups are used. Use the information and cues that you use with your clients as part of the blog post; it will exude confidence and help your reader begin to trust you.
  2. Client transformations/client struggles/client progression stories. This shows that you care about your clients achieving results, that you have gained the trust and confidence of your clients and that you are committed to excellence.
  3. Your surroundings. What makes your city an awesome place to live a fit lifestyle? Are there great trails to hike or bike or run? Are there events in the community which promote wellness? How are these going to benefit the type of client that you want to attract? Backing your clients in an organized event (be it a fun run, obstacle course, 5K, sprint triathlon or whatever) – using that event as a topic for your blog will connect you with the larger community and show that you care about where you do business!

Your call to action: Identify the best 5 or so events taking place within 15 miles of you between now and July. Commit to bringing a team to a few of them and write your blog posts regarding that event and how participating in it will benefit your clients and invite the larger community to train with you!