Facebook Ads for Local Trainers with Valerie Shoopman {Interview}

Today’s episode is a guest interview with the amazing Valerie Shoopman. She is a Facebook Marketing Expert.

ValerieShoopmanWhat small businesses, that are local can be doing on Facebook.

The first thing is to have a business page

  • You cannot actually run ads from a profile page
  • You cannot put the terms in to make your page searchable
  • You can put in your exact location of your business, so that people can do a local search

Put out good content. The organic reach on Facebook has gone way down so if you want to grow quickly be sure to plan to amplify your growth with Facebook ads, and an ad budget.

The second thing is to have a lead magnet

  • Collect email addresses
  • Run contests or freebie offers
  • How can I give something away or a discount to attract people
  • Give away a tangible product, or a package of products from your business and other local businesses
  • Keep communicating with those people

What can you do right now to attract people’s attention and get them in the door?

I was curious what Valerie’s thoughts were as it pertains to location-independent trainers (those of you who travel to clients’ homes or train in public spaces)

  • Valerie said that it’s going to be more difficult to have Facebook present your business in the same way as they do a brick-and-mortar studio without an actual address.
  • You will not have a click to call button but you have to go with what you have
  • Your Facebook presence is just as important as any other trainer page!
  • I suggested if you have a PO Box, you might be able to use a physical address for that as your “home base” and then make sure it’s clear that you do not actually train at that address, but it will give the ability to be found locally!

Before we deviate too much from the setup, I asked Valerie to expand upon the “tags” or “terms” she mentioned when describing the business page. Here’s what she had to say about that:

  • In the about section of your Facebook page, you want to make sure to include your keywords, these are the same words that people search on Google to get to your business.
  • The words “gym” “trainer” “Pilates” “yoga” “personal trainer” “fitness expert” and so on belong in there
  • These should be in multiple sections – the short description and the long description
  • Your website URL should be in the short description as well.
  • Also be sure to pick the right business page category – Local Business!!

Valerie wanted to make sure that we all know how strict Facebook is (particularly in Ads) towards the health and wellness industry

  • No before/after pictures
  • No unrealistic claims
  • No steroids. No hormones.

And with that, we transitioned seamlessly over to Facebook ads…

Ads are where you’re going to be able to stand out from the rest of the trainers in your community. Here are Valerie’s top points

  • You can segment down and target locally. You can put in your zip code or city and target a radius from there.
  • Drill down for ages and gender.
  • Then drill it down further by interest – Valerie suggested targeting people who like the pages for “big fitness names and brands” from Chalene Johnson to Weight Watchers and The juicing guy to Paleo.

How much should you plan on spending?

The number one thing is to know your target audience. Know where they hang out, how they talk – enter the conversation that is already going on in their head.

Then approach one thing that is at the top of their list like “muffin top” or “heart health” – something that is a challenge or frustration for them and how your product (service) is going to help them.

There is such a personal connection that needs to be made between trainer and client, Valerie has seen ads work best when they provide the prospective client an opportunity to see/hear/learn from the trainer in the form of a webinar or Google hangout prior to committing to training. This will help them overcome stereotypes and insecurities.

Give your audience a reason to trust you, understand what your philosophy and get a good grasp on how you can help them achieve their desired results.

This tactic is great for booting out the tire kickers who are just taking up room that could be filled instead with someone who actually wants to pay you for training!

Imagine hosting a webinar each week where you give 100% of yourself and at the end host a drawing for the live attendees to win a gift package or training! This is a great way to get people to show up live, and helps to identify how you can position your Facebook ads!

Think of running ads on Facebook to build awareness in your community rather than just increase your Facebook page likes or getting people to see the services page on your website. These ads should convert people who take you up on the offer you present into fans and praise singers before expecting them to spend money on training with you.

Have you checked out Gary Vaynerchuk’s book – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook? It means “give” “give” “give” “ask” – you don’t ask first, especially on Facebook.

People are on Facebook to interact with their friends and family. They are not on Facebook researching what they’re going to buy or what gym they are going to go to. They are there to interact with their friends and family and you just happen to interrupt them with your ad. You have to do it in a subtle, personable, friendly way.

Valerie has provided us with a call to action for today:

Check out Valerie’s Facebook Ads Mastermind Group. She coaches the group on all aspects of Facebook ads. The link is FBadsMastermind.com. Whether you try it out or not, be sure to explore the possibility of continuing to learn from Valerie – she’s amazing!

In the comments below, share what additional questions you have about Facebook ads!