Getting organic engagement {social media}

Wow! It’s the 50th episode of the Fit with Flair podcast — I have enjoyed creating every single episode, in the comments below, share what your number one lesson has been from the episodes to date!

In today’s episode, I debated whether to do a recap of previous episodes to celebrate the milestone or to do some other kind of celebration type episode, where I read reviews from iTunes. I decided to hold off on that for the time being, and instead wanted to share a lesson and the results of it from a trainer that I recently interacted with on Facebook.

typingAsking for likes/comments

This trainer posted in a Facebook group filled with other trainers to “do her a favor” and comment on a recent post on her Facebook page. She believed that having some comments on the post might help her local community feel more comfortable commenting as well and increase her organic reach.

Instead of her getting more organic reach, Facebook might interpret the recent spur in activity and show her posts to the trainers who took the time to comment, rather than show the posts to people in her community who could become clients — exactly the wrong direction for her training business.

I challenged her to promote the Facebook page with her existing clients and make it inviting for them to comment and share the content. This way, the right people would be causing the spur in activity and thereby increase the visibility of her posts with the exact people she’s looking for.

She took me up on the challenge.

The very next day, she was training 5 clients. She shared with them that Facebook wasn’t letting people in the community know about her training business but that they could easily help turn things around. Her very next post got 18 comments on it!!

All 5 people she had trained commented on it. And some of their friends. And some other people who had liked her page but never commented. And some clients who she didn’t train that day!.

This goes to show, that when you do that in person outreach and provide an incentive for doing so, your network of active clients will be more than willing to help!

Nothing special here…

This story shows the power of your personality and your interaction with can do for your Facebook presence.

I challenge you today, with your call to action: ask some in person clients to help promote your Facebook page by simply being active on it. Give them the opportunity to make you look good and share why they enjoy working with you. Let them see that this is a time for them to bask in their successes (while helping you out!)

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