Growing a Following on Social Media {case study}

In today’s episode we delve into our first case study!

I’d like to introduce you to two personal trainers that I have had the opportunity to get to know.

Meet Sophia

Sophia has been a personal trainer for a couple of years. She started her business and already had a good network of friends and followers on twitter and Facebook. She felt very comfortable in those arenas so launched a Facebook page to announce her new business! Sophia knew what she liked to see on Facebook, and she began posting images, motivational quotes, information about where people could meet up with her for training. She obviously did things right ,because she had good engagement and was successful in growing her page and using it as the foundation for her business.

About 4 months ago, Sophia’s Facebook account got hacked. She lost complete access to her personal account as well as her business page. The hackers caused havoc on her page by posting some really nasty stuff. She actually lost about 1/3 of her fans. Ever since she got her account back, she has been working to regain the momentum she lost and regain the trust of her followers. To top it off, due to the downturn in quality while the hacker had control, her posts are no longer getting the reach that they were prior to the hacking.

Meet Erin

Erin has also been a personal trainer for a couple of years. She created a very simple website with a homepage, a services page and a contact page. Erin had read an article around the same time that talked about getting people to “opt-in” to what she was offering. So she signed up with AWeber¬†which is a relatively inexpensive (start for only $1) email marketing solution. She used the built in form creation tools to create a signup box for her website. She placed the form on her website with a simple “Sign up for my list to find out when I’m offering new workshops and opening up new training sessions.”

Erin then used her network on Facebook and Twitter. She asked her family and friends to share her website and her email newsletter invitation with their networks that lived within a 10 mile radius of where she trains clients.

Both trainers got really good results…

  • Sophia’s network helped her grow her Facebook page.
  • Erin’s network helped her grow her email list..

Erin’s decision was far more powerful because she has 100% ownership of the content. When Sophia chose to build her business on Facebook, she was reliant on Facebook and their rules. This put her success outside of her direct control.

Erin’s able to provide targeted and direct content to her fans/followers/subscribers whereas Sophia relies on Facebook algorithms and luck.

As a side note, Erin’s business is doing so well, she has now hired another trainer to work with her in order to keep up with demand for her training services!

Why should you care?

Social media makes it easy to share content and get your friends and family and followers to help you get your business news out to the larger community. Erin got direct access to the people who were interested. Sophia got indirect access.

Now, look at your own social media, website and email marketing strategies and see if you need to make any tweaks based on Sophia and Erin’s stories.

Your call to action: Look and see if you are building your community on a shared platform or if you’re taking direct control of it through an email capture system. Get your leads off of social media and get your email marketing started!

BTW: You do not need to send out daily newsletters if you have an email marketing solution,

A couple of email marketing providers:

  • AWeber: This is my preferred solution for my clients, first month is $1, and then it’s $19/month thereafter.
  • MailChimp: This is a free email marketing solution, with additional features for paid subscribers. The free service does not allow “auto-responders”
  • MyEmma: This is the solution I use for Fit with Flair and I an agency partner, which means that I can create a custom solution for you.
  • Infusionsoft: This is a highly sophisticated solution for in depth campaigns and client management. I manage Infusionsoft for a small number of clients.

**Please note, I have an affiliate relationship with AWeber and I will be compensated by AWeber, should you decide to register for their service.