Introducing the Fit with Flair Podcast

Welcome to the Show Notes Page for Episode 0 of the Fit with Flair Podcast

This podcast is for you the personal trainer, who wants to attract more ideal clients to your business and make a positive impact in your community.

Each episode is designed with that goal in mind.

We will delve into not just the tools that are used, we will discuss the why and the how not just the what. You will walk away with a plan.

About me: I’m Jaime Slutzky and I’ve been working with personal trainers and studio owners since 2010, founding Fit with Flair in 2011 with just one goal, to empower my fitness peers to use the web to attract more ideal clients.

No matter how large your following is today, implementing some of the content and engagement strategies that will be outlined in the Fit with Flair podcast episodes will bring new clients into your business.

Your online presence consists of your website, email marketing, social media and listings on sites like Yelp. The one constant about having your business online is that the rules are always changing.

Today the rage is all about mobile responsive websites and high-converting opt-ins. Tomorrow they might change.

I promise you that I’m keeping my eyes and ears open to the gurus and trends.

Your future clients drive me, on a daily basis.

I want this podcast to be a vehicle for two way communication, so bookmark for all the show notes in order to easily reference them at a later time!

Every episode will conclude with a call to action – or in other words – the most effective thing you can do for your business tonight!

Today, your call to action is to subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher radio.

Each podcast episode is 10 minutes or less in length, so that you can listen, before, between or after clients. New episodes launch three times/week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Just as you work with your clients several times a week, consider this podcast your online business coach, so stick with me on a regular basis for optimal results!

Your Call to Action: So, go, SUBSCRIBE NOW and I’ll see you in the next episode!