Make the Most with Images {Website}

In today’s episode we are talking about Image do’s and don’ts for your website.

First of all – images, have them! That’s a 100% no brainer to help convert anonymous website visitors into prospects and then into paying clients.

Images can come in a lot of different shapes and forms.

Three things you should look at for your current images

  1. Image sources.
    1. Stock Photographs are images that are purchased from a large repository. It is great to have some of these at your disposal, for stop-gap type situations and in blog posts.
    2. Candid or Professional images from your environment. These are the images that should be used to sell your business – they are the ones that should reside on your testimonials page, home page, services pages and so on. These images will share your story better than stock photographs any day!
  2. Image size. Images need to load quickly and show in good quality on all devices. I recommend that image sizes for the web are 72 dpi (dots per inch) with a maximum width being 1000 pixels wide. Do not use the resize tool within WordPress, since this is forcing the website to do extra work.
  3. Use the Alternative Text field for all images. This field holds a description of the image should the image fail to load. The alt text is also what is read by Search Engines! Google cannot read a picture, so providing alt text is the best way for it to recognize (& reward you for) images.

Bonus Tip: Become friends or associates with a photographer!

Your call to action:

  • Part 1 – check the images you have on your website for size and to make sure they have the appropriate alt text.
  • Part 2 — put it out to your circle of influence, see if you can find a photographer who understands your style and where you could mutually benefit each other in business & fitness!