Making an introduction {social media}

Today’s episode is a continuation of our last episode, where we discussed what types of Facebook groups you can join and how they will benefit the growth of your training business.

Today’s episode is all about introducing yourself to the groups, so that you don’t come off as pompous or overly self-promotional. You want to appear genuine (because you are, right?) This will help you connect with a few people in the community and your reach will continue to grow as further conversations unfold.

Just to remind you, the three group types are:

  • Peer groups
  • Local groups comprised of the type of people you want to work with
  • Local professional groups

facebookPeer Groups

In this group, you do not need to explain what it is that you do – since everyone is a trainer. Rather, this is a great place to share what parts of the industry you are most interested in, fascinated by and inspire you. Share your geography – what part of the country, or a specific community. Share whether you own a studio, are an independent contractor or are employed!

This introduction opens the door for people to ask you questions. Post your intro as a new thread, as opposed to tacking it onto an existing thread in the group. Here’s what I would post in a trainer group:

Hi my name is Jaime Slutzky. I’m a personal trainer in Redmond, WA. I’m passionate about training 9-14 year old girls because I love the idea of helping them gain strength and confidence through their physical abilities.

Community Groups

Be a little bit softer about who you are and what you do… you want to share that you’re a personal trainer, but you don’t necessarily want to shove it down their throats! So, getting down to who I train and why might not be right in this introduction. Here’s the type of post that I would use for introduction:

Hi, I’m Jaime! I live in Redmond. I’m a mom and have an amazing husband – we have two daughters. The girls love gymnastics! It’s awesome that they love being active, because I’m a personal trainer and it’s kinda what I do! I’d love to meetup with you sometime… where do you like to hang out?

It’s great to conclude these introductions with a question because it gives an easy way to continue the conversation.

Professionals Groups

This group includes many members of your community that you want to introduce yourself and your business to. The members of this group will likely include future client referrers. Here’s the idea for your introduction to this group.

Hey, I’m Jaime and I’m a personal trainer. I just opened up 1-3pm everyday on my schedule, now that my kids are old enough for me to be able to train clients during more daytime hours.  I am holding complimentary sessions next week and if you, or anybody you know might be interested, send them my way. Oh, and by the way, is there a meetup or other place where I can get to know more of the movers and shakers in this community?

This type of introduction does well because you are transparent that you are in the group in order to grow your business, but also wanting to become a member of the community. You also show that you’re willing to “do the work” with your question of where can you go to meet them.

Your call to action: Introduce yourself in the new groups that you’ve joined this week.

Feel free, based on the vibe of the group to post images (maybe of yourself or your logo)  – it may help with engagement or getting people to talk with you.

I would also recommend reading what the members of the community are already saying in order to craft your introduction so that it has a similar tone.

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