No more computer screen overwhelm

water at computerToday’s episode is inspired by a recent conversation with a private client. This is where you, as the personal trainer gets overwhelmed by everything that you can, should and want to do and then turning around and doing NOTHING!

There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing, some of the time.

This episode is designed to help you avoid the blank stare at the screen that we are all too familiar with. It may come from sitting down at the computer and saying

  • “I need to write a blog post”
  • “I really should research abc for xyz”
  • “I need to post on social media”

And can even be used for

  • “I need to write programs for my clients this week”
  • “What are my workouts going to look like?”
  • Making a grocery shopping list/meal plan

It’s all just so much stuff!

Let’s make it so that you don’t ever have that blank screen. With the 3 steps outlined in this episode, we’ll take you from the OVERWHELM factor to COMPLETE!

Step #1: Have a list of tasks

Be very specific. Break the big tasks, like writing a blog post, down into a bunch of small tasks so that they can each be completed and checked off the list!

Here’s the blog post example:

  1. Research
  2. Write draft
  3. Get/create/edit images
  4. Finalize content

When you don’t yet know the steps required for a big task, break down what you think is going to be necessary. So, let’s say you need to write programs for 3 of your clients this week. Here’s an idea of what you could put on your list.

  1. Determine frequency for each client (as in, how many workouts do you need to write)
  2. Place each client on their workout matrix
  3. Identify the goal of each workout
  4. Determine the warm ups
  5. Determine the cool downs
  6. List individual exercises
  7. List equipment needed to perform exercises
  8. List sets/reps/weight

By breaking down the task, you get to focus on part of the whole, and it becomes do-able

Step #2: Set a timer

Have you heard of the pomodoro technique?

It is basically a 30 minute timer. But what’s unique about this system is that the first 25 minutes are focused work, and the last 5 minutes of a “pomodoro” are break time. That means, give yourself 30 minute blocks of time and work hard during 25 minutes.

Step #3: Have a glass of water with you

I know, it sounds crazy that I’m suggesting to personal trainers to have a glass of water with you when you’re doing work at the computer. But it’s true!

When you have a glass of water sitting there, it is going to help you stay focused, it’s going to give you those small pauses you might need, and it’s refreshing and so important.

Drinking water during the time you’ve allocated   to concerted effort it actually helps your brain and your body work better.

You know this. You tell your clients this. So do it yourself!

Here’s a recap…

The same principles that you use with your clients when they aren’t working out with you:

  • Pay attention to what you’re eating
  • Get enough sleep and enough exercise
  • Set a schedule
  • Hydrate yourself

are the same things that you can be doing in order to move your business forward, and reach more ideal clients.

Let’s take the three steps and compare them to fitness:

  • Running a 5k gets broken down into run-walk combinations where the intervals change and the distances change in order to meet the big goal
  • Working out 6 hours each week gets broken down into 6 1-hour sessions
  • Hydration doesn’t need to be compared, it just needs to be part of your plan for success!

Your call to action: look at your list of things you want to accomplish in your business, take one of them and break it down, set a pomodoro timer and get it done!

In the comments below, share with me and the Fit with Flair audience what process you broke down using this process and accomplished this week!