The Services Page {Website}

In today’s episode we are talking about the services page on your website.

This is the page on your website where people are going to expect to see awesome content! They want to see what you can do for them. It’s not enough to simply list the types of training that you offer – they can get that type of “service” from any trainer. Wow your prospects with your personality and your services!

Make them feel like you are the bridge between them and their fitness goals.

Here are 3 do’s and 3 don’ts for your services page:

First the Don’ts

  1. Don’t assume that people know what you’re talking about. Use effective language to communicate what people are actually going to get out of the training that you provide. In the case of your personal training services, indicate the length of the session, the frequency and the type of programming they can expect.
  2. Don’t use negative language. That means words like “fat” “hard” and “challenging” should be avoided. Instead use positive and upbeat words to make people feel welcome and know that they can achieve their results with you.
  3. Don’t format your text into paragraphs. We are a society of browsers and skim through content all the time. Use good spacing and formatting while keeping things nice and concise!

Now the Do’s

  1. Use Images. Images are powerful (as you’ve seen by the recurrence of them here on the podcast!) For your services page, use images of yourself and your clients. This will help convey that you help people get results.
  2. List your prices. This shows that you are confident about your prices and that you are transparent, which helps with your credibility. You avoid being evasive about your prices and hiding behind them. It is a great way to gain trust.
  3. Make it easy for people to take action. Your prospects should have an extremely and intuitive way to get your services right away – this could be in the form of a phone number, email address, registration form and even purchase butto!ns!

So there you have it three do’s and three don’ts for your services page.

Your call to action: Get rid of any of the don’ts from your services page. Reformat your content. Add your images. Make that page shine!

**BONUS** Leave a link to your services page in the comments on these show notes and I’ll visit your page and give you personalized feedback!