Show your personality {social media}

In today’s episode we are discussing how you can interject your personality into your online conversations.

Your personality is what will create an emotional connection between you and your prospects. It is your unique offering that sets you apart from the trainer down the street – training is a learned skill, and while some of us are better than others at putting together programs for our clients, our clients get results because they create an emotional connection with us.

Here are 3 ways you can create an emotional connection online:

  1. Share about your life.
  2. Ask your clients opinion while sharing yours
  3. Use images and video (of yourself, working with clients or demonstrating exercises and proper form)

When you create that emotional connection, it’s easy to convert into a sale and ongoing training relationship.

Your call to action: Grab next month’s calendar and write on it one fact or tidbit about yourself for each week of the month. It can be related to birthdays or celebrations that are important to you, or why you wash your car on Wednesdays! Each week, you’ll be sharing a new piece of information about yourself – do it on a different day and at a different time each week, in order to keep things fun and interesting!