The About Page {Website}

In today’s episode we are going to be talking about the second most visited page on your website – the about page.

No matter what page someone lands on initially on your website, the next page that they are going to visit is most likely the about page. There are several reasons for this – first off, they are curious about who is running the business and what they are all about.

So as a personal trainer, fitness professional or studio owner, you’ll want to showcase your business at its best on the about page!

5 Keys to an effective About Page

  1. Images. You should have one to three images on this page. Make sure there is a current picture of yourself. Other pictures may include your own before/after shots, action shots of you working with your clients and personal fitness or business triumphs!
  2. Read your About Page from the perspective of your future client.  As if you’re that skeptical prospect and ask in their best voice “What’s in it for me?” Turn your information around so that they’re excited to get to know you.
  3. Break up your content. Avoid using long paragraphs, instead make it visually interesting and easy to digest. Bullet points are your friend! They are functional, easy to read and since they are short and concise, they encourage people to continue reading!
  4. Image sizes. In addition to not having too many images, making sure that your images are the right size for fast loading (**check out Episode 2 for more on images!)
  5. Have a Call to Action. What do you want someone to do when they get to the bottom of your about page?

Your call to action: Read your about page from the perspective of a current client (are they learning something new?), a prospective client (are you giving them enough information to take the next step?) and from the perspective of a critic (what would they tear apart? How can you improve the content to give them less to criticize?)