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In this episode, I wanted to give you the back story on my new guide, it’s called The Personal Trainer Guide to Self-Employment and you can pick it up at

I wrote this guide based on dozens of conversations that I have had with trainers over the past several months. I guess it started when I was at IDEA PTI West in April of this year. I was part of the assistant crew and spent a ton of time at the registration desk helping trainers get registered, update their sessions and answer a few questions too.

book-coverOne of the reasons I wanted to be at the registration desk was so that I could meet more trainers and have more conversations. Over the course of the three days that I was at IDEA PTI West, this actually happened and I think it was the most rewarding conference I’ve ever been to, purely because of the awesome trainers I got to meet.

Since I always have my ears out looking to see what struggles trainers are having with growing their businesses online, I walked away from the conference with a rough idea for a guide that I could give away to any trainer who wanted it.

So, I was going to create a guide and then I asked myself 3 questions:

  1. What do I want to put in this guide?
  2. What do trainers want to see in this guide?
  3. How do I make sure that I’m hitting the mark?

Answering the first question was super easy — I mean, I know what I love to help trainers with: website requirements, how social media can help bring awareness to your training business and how powerful email marketing is. So, I put those on a line as topics to explore further.

Next came the really tough part — figuring out what you want to see in the guide. I knew the answer wasn’t going to be 100% the same as what I wanted to put into the guide, so I turned to having more conversations with more trainers. I went through my notes from the conference asked some questions to past clients and reached out to trainers I’ve just recently or never met!

Before I go further, I just have to say that the trainer community in general rocks!

My questions were met with open arms and amazing responses and I was able to build a framework for the guide.

The guide mostly consists of inspiration from the conversations I had with other trainers and it’s true, all the bells and whistles for growing your online presence are not in there — and now that the first version of the guide has been published, there’s no other way I would want it.

I realized, while writing the guide, that Fit with Flair wouldn’t exist if the trainers I chatted with wanted exactly what I provide, because as I see it, you don’t know what you need all the time!

This podcast is a complimentary element to the guide and I think that each of you will pick up something new from the guide, it’s completely free, so please head over to and grab a copy.

The last question I asked myself when I was sitting in front of a blank screen was to figure out how to know if the guide was hitting the mark for trainers… and the answer to that question is to provide a forum for on going communication — comment on these show notes or send me an email, tweet me or hit me up on Facebook.

If I had sat down to write this guide without talking with trainers like you, it would merely be a PDF with words that are for trainers. Instead, based on the feedback the first version of the guide has received, I truly believe that it is a guide that is going to help new and veteran trainers alike!

Your call to action: Head over to and grab your free copy of the guide today!