Use Facebook groups to become known as the expert!

In this episode we discuss Facebook Groups. And more specifically, I share with you the three types of groups that would benefit you and your business.

facebookThe first groups are PEER GROUPS.

These are open or closed or secret groups that include other fitness professionals and personal trainers. They are places for trainers to gather and discuss marketing, exercise ideas, theories, complimentary services and the like.

I think there is value in being part of both large groups and smaller, more intimate groups. I am in about 7 of them and they range from the NASM group and some that draw trainers from all over the world, to small ones for niche markets, like Fitness for Moms and break-away groups.

Being part of peer groups is really going to help you grow as a trainer.

You will learn new styles and new techniques. You may be privy to new literature or have opportunities to mastermind with trainers who are one or two steps ahead of you on your journey.

I’d love to have you join The Personal Trainer Accelerator Round Table – this is a group that I moderate with my friend and colleague Neil Denaut.

The second group type are LOCAL GROUPS.

Start by thinking about your community and the types of people you want to connect with in your community.

Say for example, you want to connect with moms – doing a quick Facebook search for “city mom” and then head over to the more dropdown and select Groups – this will give you a list of groups that already exist which have your two words in them! Go… try it!

So, that’s really the second type of group in a nutshell – existing local groups where your potential client is hanging out.

The third group type is a PROFESSIONAL GROUP.

These are groups that include lawyers, therapists, doctors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and dentists! There will be other small business owners in these groups as well.

The reason for being an active participant in this type of group is because these are going to be amazing referral sources for you! They are in contact with all sorts of people who could benefit your business (and as your business grows, you’ll be able to send referrals back their way!)

Become “the fitness guy” or “the fitness gal” for the business community!

One word of caution for all groups, but primarily group type #2 – local – read the group rules to make sure you know if you can or cannot promote your business within the group!

Your call to action:  Join 3 new groups on Facebook – one from each of the group types!

In the comments below, share with the Fit with Flair community what peer group(s) you’re joining!