Why your favorite piece of equipment is a hidden goldmine!

a-gold-mine-of-contentIn today’s episode we’re talking about using your favorite piece of equipment as a piece of marketing material.

I am a huge fan of the BOSU, as you probably remember from prior episodes. This got me thinking – how can I use this piece of equipment as leverage in my social media, my email marketing and on my website through my blog. ß That is the motivation for this episode

Let’s start with the blog and website

The first thing you can do to become know and specific-piece-of-equipment expert in your community by making it the focus of a one-of-a kind program or bootcamp. In the case of a BOSU, something like BOSU Bonanza.

This program can become your signature program or highlight program of the month, if you have more ideas that you want to test out/become known for.

Not only will this program be the signature program on your services page, but it also becomes something that you can entice click-throughs with from your homepage.

Now, on the blog – creating weekly posts about that piece of equipment, so that you’re not only providing a service but providing education around that specific item.

Discuss how you use it with beginner and advanced clients, male clients and female clients or however else you divide up your client base. Bring up all the facets of your clients and how this one piece of equipment will enhance their workouts.

How many blog posts are you able to create discussing this one piece of equipment?

All this content will make you appear as the expert in your community.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Having compelling images to go along with your blog posts will accelerate their virality. These images should include you and your clients using the equipment – they will become your signature images for social media!

So, how can you use your equipment for email marketing?

Announcing your new program to your list, in a genuine and fun way, without shoving it into people’s inboxes or down their throats.

So, use your emails as an opportunity to educate. Break down all the benefits of this piece of equipment and share it with your audience. Give them your stamp of approval for the equipment and intrinsic value in opening your emails – so when you do want to sell passes to your specialty classes, they’ll feel like it’s the right thing for them.

You are the expert in your domain.

Create that expert status by picking a piece of equipment that you love to work with and showcasing it with your clients in all the mediums that you have available to you!

Your call to action: Come up with a short list of pieces of equipment that you’d like to be known as the expert in.

Run these pieces of equipment by your existing clients to see which one resonates the most with them.